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An update to the situation with the AmBull breeder. She returned $300 to me, which is something she does not normally do. While it was not the full amount I should have gotten back, some is better than none. We had a chance to speak back and forth and more details came to light. The whole thing was a huge misunderstanding on both our parts caused by unreliable communication in the form of missed text messages and such, because she lives in a poor service area ( I know this is true because my grandparents don't live far from there ). We apologized to each other and left off on the best terms we could, given the circumstance. If anyone would like more information on the matter, they may feel free to contact me directly.
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Stress Flair Having an autoimmune attack relapse thanks to some unnecessary stress regarding being out of $500 from my service dog/medical fund, but we'll talk about that in detail later if the money doesn't magically appear by this Friday. My body is having an absolute fit. Face is swollen again from angry glands and blocked draining. Reef Scare Woke up from pain early AM to discover to my horror that my reef tank temperature had dropped to 73F. It's supposed to be 80F. I just replaced the old heater with a brand new one with a gift card from Petsmart, because it was showing signs it would go soon. So here I go deliriously flailing through pain and medicated stupor, thanking the gods I hadn't thrown the old one out yet, digging out the other old one I use for water change heatups to try and bump the temperature back up before anything died off. Unfortunately it looks like one of my SPS propagates is toast. Half it already slothed off and bleached out, the other half tissue necrosis and slothing starting. I fought with this species since I first got the frag from father in law's tank as a rescue. If the tissue bed isn't thick enough it self destructs at slightest change. That's how I realized the old heater was starting to go, the temp wasn't holding stable and it showed signs of distress from it. Thankfully I still have a thick patch growing nearby and it looks okay. Sometimes the colony will recede into the structure and might come back with time, and a lot of luck. Otherwise I will try and transplant some onto the coral bone and hope it takes hold. Because, science! Art Share I have gotten used to the new medication enough to where I think I can get back to detailed art work without making a total foobar of it. I have a few long overdue pieces I will be sharing for winners of contest ages ago, and I will be working on the happy dog painting, streaming more of the progress with it, probably starting some tonight if I can get this swelling to go down a tad more so I can see out both eyes clearly. I will post the stream link once it is set up and live when I do work on it, though may just randomly work since I can't predict how angry my body will get. Hoping everyone else is having a better kickoff into 2017.


Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 12:32 pm
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Utterly disgusted. Hate begets hate. This many people should not feel ashamed or afraid of who was elected. It disgusts me that this is the type of country we live in now after all the progress we had made. Afraid for my rights as a person with medical disabilities who is not able to work. Afraid for my rights as a woman. Afraid of losing my healthcare and women's health rights. Afraid for the rights of all my friends and family in the LGBT community. This country has been needing a healthy dose of chlorine bleach for a long time, but this isn't how I hoped we'd be getting it. I seriously hope the balances and checks that are in place in the government will keep him in check and make the damage less severe than it could be if he could do whatever he wanted. I pray he won't be as horrible as all of us ( Americans and people all over the world ) fear he will be. I hope he proves us wrong.
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In other news. Cleaning 5 gallons of RODI water out of my car's trunk was *exactly* what I wanted to do with my afternoon. /sarcasm So much for getting grocery shopping done. Lets hope the trunk mats dry out by tomorrow and I am feeling well enough to go then.

Stupid Computer

Saturday, August 13th, 2016 03:58 pm
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Spent the last few days fighting with my computer again. Just when I was getting everything back in order from the hard drive crash where I lost data and art and things, Windows decides to self destruct itself so badly that it screwed up my boot sector. I couldn't even access recovery mode or anything similar, nor could I rebuild the boot and registry data.

So all the programs that I had installed on my second drive in case something like this happened.... nope, won't work now. I have to do everything all over again. I only lost a handful of things I had saved to my desktop. I got into the habit of moving everything over to my non-OS drives. I don't think I lost anything important except for video edits, or I just haven't realized anything else is missing yet.

Unfortunately this reinstall is glitching out on updates and hanging. Which means I have to reinstall AGAIN. I haven't bothered to reinstall any of my programs except Photoshop and stuff I need specifically to get ready for the trip. Which is aggravating because I can't use my other editing programs or Painter as I had planned. I will get this stuff edited and posted, once my computer stops sabotaging my progress. When I get back from the trip to OKC I am going to wipe it clean and install, make sure everything is stable, reinstall all my drivers and programs, and ghost the damned drive and make backup points. I should have this last time around. Live and learn.
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The Social Security Administration denied my Disability claim.

Despite the overwhelming evidence I submitted. Probably because they didn't bother reading any of it. Not surprising. Their job is to deny everyone.

Time to appeal and fight back. It'll go to hearing before a judge. I knew it would happen this way, I was expecting it. My current plan is to represent myself. I have already been formulating a best method of approach. I will probably be contacting people to request testimonies and witness statements as evidence for the court case.

I will need help and support through this difficult process. My life depends on this having a positive outcome. That may sound dramatic, but it is the truth. Without aid, I have nothing. I am out of options.

Holiday Update

Sunday, December 27th, 2015 02:02 am
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Christmas was nice. Got to visit with mom and grandma and had a nice dinner. It just didn't feel like Christmas though, in a lot of different ways. It was 80F here. In December. Up where Mike is in the mountains in NJ, they have always had snow by this time of year, but not this year. It was around 50F and Mike said he had the windows open. It's so warm there were tornadoes in Texas, in winter (bless those poor people ). I distinctly remember Decembers down in the 20F range with freeze warnings and wearing heavy coats as a kid even in Louisiana. I don't understand how people can keep denying global warming or climate shift. Anyway, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.
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Really not liking the new Budweiser commercial with the puppy and Clydesdale made for the Super Bowl this year. The original commercial of the series was nice and uplifting. This one is just poor taste. It once again makes wolves and coyotes out to be the stereotypical "bad guys". Not cool at all.


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