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Stress Flair Having an autoimmune attack relapse thanks to some unnecessary stress regarding being out of $500 from my service dog/medical fund, but we'll talk about that in detail later if the money doesn't magically appear by this Friday. My body is having an absolute fit. Face is swollen again from angry glands and blocked draining. Reef Scare Woke up from pain early AM to discover to my horror that my reef tank temperature had dropped to 73F. It's supposed to be 80F. I just replaced the old heater with a brand new one with a gift card from Petsmart, because it was showing signs it would go soon. So here I go deliriously flailing through pain and medicated stupor, thanking the gods I hadn't thrown the old one out yet, digging out the other old one I use for water change heatups to try and bump the temperature back up before anything died off. Unfortunately it looks like one of my SPS propagates is toast. Half it already slothed off and bleached out, the other half tissue necrosis and slothing starting. I fought with this species since I first got the frag from father in law's tank as a rescue. If the tissue bed isn't thick enough it self destructs at slightest change. That's how I realized the old heater was starting to go, the temp wasn't holding stable and it showed signs of distress from it. Thankfully I still have a thick patch growing nearby and it looks okay. Sometimes the colony will recede into the structure and might come back with time, and a lot of luck. Otherwise I will try and transplant some onto the coral bone and hope it takes hold. Because, science! Art Share I have gotten used to the new medication enough to where I think I can get back to detailed art work without making a total foobar of it. I have a few long overdue pieces I will be sharing for winners of contest ages ago, and I will be working on the happy dog painting, streaming more of the progress with it, probably starting some tonight if I can get this swelling to go down a tad more so I can see out both eyes clearly. I will post the stream link once it is set up and live when I do work on it, though may just randomly work since I can't predict how angry my body will get. Hoping everyone else is having a better kickoff into 2017.
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Changes to Patreon reward tiers and stretch goals have been completed. The most exciting change includes the following: Patrons pledging $5 and above will be granted the right to vote in different situations that will directly influence things I make and how I make them, or what supplies I buy using the money you all have invested in me. Should I buy this glaze or that glaze? Should I use this stone or that stone? What creature do I sculpt next? You decide! ============================================= I changed the stretch goals to give more clear direction. The original goals I used and their amounts were somewhat vague and spaced out since I wasn't sure how to best approach it when I first joined Patreon. I hope this is a better format. Suggestions are welcome. $25 ( We are ALMOST here!! $19 out of $25!! ) This amount allows me to continue purchasing basic creative supplies monthly to experiment with. It could be spent to buy several lower cost items or one higher cost item. Examples include but are not limited to: jewelry supplies, painting mediums, several small bottles of ceramics glaze, a larger bottle of ceramics glaze, a box of ceramics clay, ceramics tools You get to help me choose what to invest in if you pledge $5 or more. Once we reach this goal, I will raffle off an art original equal to $25. ALL pledge tiers will be eligible to win (as low as $1 pledge ) ! Winner will pay shipping for raffle item. $50 The higher the pledge amount coming in, the more supplies I can get and the faster I can get them. This goal amount will allow me to invest in supplies as mentioned above to offer a wider variety. It would allow me to branch out into materials and supplies that are more expensive, such as special carved gemstones, silver, raku supplies, and more. You get to help me choose what to invest in if you pledge $5 or more. Once we reach this goal, I will raffle off an art original equal to $50. ALL pledge tiers will be eligible to win (as low as $1 pledge ) ! Winner will pay shipping for raffle item. $75 Meeting this goal would allow me to greatly expand on my production. The main thing that keeps me from jumping into certain projects is lack of disposable income to acquire all the supplies I might need for a project. If I only have $30 to spend per month, but the total cost for supplies for a project is $60, it could take two months just to get everything I need. It might take longer if I have to split the amount between multiple projects. The more you can pledge, the more I can create and give back. You get to help me choose what to invest in if you pledge $5 or more. Once we reach this goal, I will raffle off an art original equal to $75. ALL pledge tiers will be eligible to win (as low as $1 pledge ) ! Winner will pay shipping for raffle item. ============================================= ============================================= Thanks for your support!
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Live art stream starting soon! 8pm CST. - http://livestream.com/leopardwolf
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My health and the technology gods permitting, I will be art streaming this Friday Nov 4th around 8pm CST. Hope to see you there! http://original.livestream.com/leopardwolf
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I plan to make changes to patron reward tiers soon. Anyone who has pledged and donated toward my art and creative efforts *before* the date of the change, will be grandfathered in to still be eligible for the *old* reward system after the changes are made, based on pledge amount. The changes will take place Monday, November 7th. When I start producing work in pure copper, bronze, silver, gold, and using dichroic and higher grade gemstones, people will wish they took advantage of the offer when it was available. I will also be changing the stretch goals now that I have a better idea of how they work. When I first started using Patreon I really didn't have a clue what to do with them. Now I do. I will post more information and reminders in preparation for the changes. Thank you all for your awesomeness and continued support!
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Very exciting changes will be happening over the next year or so, thanks to my aunt believing in me and wanting to help with an investment that she saw the value and potential in. I can't talk about it too much just yet, but this is opening limitless opportunities for us and for our future. So insanely happy and feeling so fortunate my aunt has the ability to help with this. As everything falls into place and comes together, I'll be able to share more details.
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We did end up going to the gem and jewelry show earlier this month. Went for two days, covered half the show floor each day so I could get a better look at things they had. It's changed a lot since the last time I went, a different company is managing this show group. Sooo many pretty sparklies and shinies. Mom and aunt and Mike each gave me some money so I could pick stuff up and replenish much needed supplies. I was on my feet all day both days, with Journey helping. He'd keep trying to keep me moving and the vendors all thought it was the funniest thing when I'd excuse myself and say I'd be back after I walked off the symptoms ( I trigger if I stand in one place for too long without moving ). Everyone loved him and was sad to hear about his hip dysplasia and that he'd be career changing. I joked with some of them the first day that we might be back the next and they joked about "torturing the poor dog" and how they were sure he'd be thrilled. Then the next day more joking when they saw us back and I joked "Should have seen the look on his face when he realized we were back for more!" It was warm but tolerable. Wish I had my neck fan, but it killed over. Met some awesome people, got some beautiful sparklies I will share at some point. My body was soooo angry after all the activity, it took the full week after just to get un-sore enough to move around without back, legs, and feet hurting badly. Then I ended up with a migraine from hell that wouldn't go away and kept coming back for days. Today is the first day the pain has dulled enough to really think clearly so I can try and be a little productive.
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Past week has been crazy. Computer problems. Desktop formatted ( finally! ugh ) and Win7 Pro installed. Been fighting with plethora of updates and reinstalling all of my programs and sorting through files. Stuff with Journey's medical diagnostic still sinking in. Tried to do some shopping runs without him. So insanely exhausted afterwards I could hardly move and hurt worse than normal. Him pulling the cart helps so much. Horribly tempted to keep working with him at least until I get approved for a new dog. Maybe doing so infrequently would be okay, on days I really need it.

Like tomorrow. I had plans to go to the gem and jewelry show. I haven't been in over 10yrs (since we weren't living here), and so I made plans before learning about Journey, to go. My mom and aunt gave me a little spending money and Mike is giving me a little also, so I can pick up some much needed supplies at far cheaper prices than I would pay anywhere else. I was hoping someone would come along with me, but everyone has to work or is otherwise indisposed. I know my limits, and I know I couldn't walk around the crowded convention center alone for that long, without risk of triggering a neurocardio attack.

So Journey is going with me tomorrow. He's been off duty for a week and can't understand why I keep going places without him. It's normally better to ease them into retirement anyway, like I did with Ember. As long as I don't do any full heavy weight bearing things with him ( which I never, ever have ) then it should be safe for us both on a limited basis. Fingers crossed I hear back on these applications soon.

Anything special anyone wants me to look for at the gem and jewelry show? Any specific gems, stones or colors or materials you'd like to see me work with?
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Making dog bandanas. I can't believe I didn't invest in a rotary cutter much sooner! Also working on a huge overhaul of my website with new coding and updated layout. So much to do, and almost travel time!

Contest Winners

Friday, March 20th, 2015 08:34 pm
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I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the contest! The following people are the lucky winners:

1st Place - Melissa Ko

2nd Place - Ellen Million

3rd Place - Jeremy Unitt / Croatoan


Congratulations! Drop me an email at leopardwolf@gmail.com to claim your prizes!

For those who didn't win, don't worry. There may be other opportunities in the future.

I hold monthly drawings for free stuff for anyone who pledges/donates $5.00 USD or more to me monthly via Patreon or other means ( some don't have bank accounts or don't like using PayPal, etc. so they send concealed donations via mail ).

To learn more about Patreon ( or email me for alternate methods ):


Your support is deeply appreciated. It helps me work toward making a living doing what I love, and allows me to create neat things and share them with you.

Contest Ends Tomorrow

Saturday, March 14th, 2015 03:58 pm
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Thanks to everyone who has participated so far!


Just a reminder, the contest ends tomorrow, March 15th at 11:59pm CST.

Winners will be announced the following week.

Click on the link above for more information.
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A reminder: 10 more days to participate in the contest.


Contest ends at 11:59pm CST March 15th, 2015.

Winners will be announced the following week.

Click on the link above for more information.
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I'm holding a contest that is pretty easy to win, and multiple prizes will be available. Interested? Then read on!

You have many chances of winning, in many different ways. Each option is listed below, with the amount of entries into the contest that each option will get you. You can do one of these things, or you can do all of them. The more you participate, the better your chances of winning!


Step 1 : Comment on this post . - 1 Entry

Just make a comment on this post letting me know you saw it, and you get 1 chance at winning the contest. It's that easy!

***Simply "Like"/Fav-ing the post does *NOT* count. You have to leave a comment.

Step 2: Like / Follow my Facebook page. - 5 Entries


Like and follow my LeopardWolf's Designs Facebook page if you haven't already. Everyone who likes and follows my page ( including those currently liked/following ) between now and March 15th will get 5 chances at winning the contest!

***Don't forget to add me to your news feed so you don't miss updates!

Step 3: Share this post on your timeline/status update/journal/etc. - 10 Entries

Share this post and tell everyone about this awesome contest and get 10 chances to win. The more people who participate, the better the prizes will be! Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

***Make sure and comment here when you share this post and link to the share, so that I can verify and add your entries!

Step 4: Become a Patreon. - 20 Entries


All of my Patreon subscribers with current pledges get 20 chances at winning the contest, even at the $1 pledge goal! It's that simple, and puts you way ahead of the game for your generous support!

You must keep your Patreon pledge active through March's payment cycle to qualify for this ( normally completed in the first week of the month to middle of month, you'll get a confirmation for it ).


This contest will run from now until 11:59pm CST March 15th, 2015.

For each entry you will get a slip with your name on it. So if you get 10 entries, you get 10 slips and thus 10 chances to win. At the end those slips will be placed into a container and violently tossed about to mix them up good and proper!

A blind drawing will then be held to determine winners. Winners will be announced the following week. Winners will have 2 weeks to contact me to claim their prizes, otherwise those prizes are forfeit.

1st Prize: Value Of $100

2nd Prize: Value Of $50

3rd Prize: Value Of $25

Winners will need to share a physical mailing address for me to send prizes to. I will not ask for your address unless you are one of the winners.

No purchase necessary, void where prohibited, and all that silly jazz.
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With the support of people through Patreon and other contributing sources, I am excited to say that I have started investing money into new supplies and have several works in progress underway and more planned in the near future.

In celebration, I plan to hold a contest with prizes for those who participate. Stay tuned for details!

Jewelry and wearable art wise, I have new designs and materials on the way. For a long time I have tried to stay as close to natural materials as I could. They are typically more durable and look nicer in my experience. Natural stones, bones, wooden elements and metals have been a primary focus, occasionally including glass and acrylic elements.

I normally try and stay away from plastic beads overall unless it is specifically requested for a design. In some cases I have such elements from jewelry that was assimilated and repurposed for materials. So I figure I might as well use what I have, try random designs and see what happens. Enough people seem to like that sort of jewelry that it remains popular.

Painting and sculpture wise I have a ton of new stuff I hope to finish and share soon. I'd like to invest in some new mediums and materials, but I can only do that with your help. A small pledge of $1 goes a long way when everyone gives a little. Please consider supporting my artwork and creative projects through Patreon so I can keep sharing them with you!

Sneak peeks at materials and WIPs are on there. Finished items will be posted for Patreon subscribers before they are available on Etsy or elsewhere to the general public.

Like and share my page and check back frequently so you don't miss anything!

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I finally made a Patreon account, for anyone interested in sponsoring me and my artwork. Please feel free to share and help give a signal boost.

Think of Patreon as something like an ongoing online tip jar. If you like an artist's work and can't afford (or don't want to buy) their artwork regularly, but still wish to support them, then this is a great way to do it.

It's a way of saying, "I like what you do, thanks for sharing!" It's totally optional. You can stop sponsoring at any time. When you pledge to help me, you will only be charged the amount you pledge once per month.

By becoming a patron, your support gives me the opportunity to be an artist and to create freely. I value your donation in more ways than words can adequately describe. Your support inspires me to believe in myself and my dreams.

Please consider sponsoring at $1 per month. Just a small $1 pledge on your part can collectively change my life and help my dreams come true.

So what exactly will you get in return? All sorts of awesome! For starters, you will have my undying love and gratitude. You’ll also have a chance to influence my work! You’ll be among the first to know about and see new designs and new products, before they are even made!

You will also have a chance to receive art and creative things from me, depending on your donation tiers. Sometimes I'll be giving out prints, other times - original artwork and sculptures! Why? Why not? I share the love you share with me! Knowing these things will go to homes where people will truly appreciate them is what means the most to me.

To learn more, please visit my Patreon page:



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